Try Equities First South Africa  — Be Surprised!

Try Equities First South Africa  — Be Surprised!



Do you need an equity loan? Sometimes, small and medium sized businesses fall short of their goal of keeping enough cash on hand to pay the bills or even meet payroll. If you are a business owner, you know how that can happen. Sometimes it depends on the weather, the market, or a combination of many factors. Read More.

So, you decided to take your equities to a bank or a conventional lender. They tell you that you can likely get a loan in a few weeks. First, they have to check your equities to see if they are on the list of equities that are forbidden as collateral by the government. In the mean time they will need a business proposal from you, describing the use of the funds once the loan is clear. They tell you that they will lend up to 40% of the value of the equities. Then they will tell you the interest rate. Then your jaw drops and you decide that this emergency loan will be approved way after the emergency is over. Visit

You may have heard of Equities First South Africa. They are a private company, so they do not need to check the government’s list of inappropriate collateral loans. They do not want to see a business proposal. They do not want to know how you are going to use the funds. Read Equities First Resume Here.

Their loan to value ratio is much higher than the bank or conventional lender’s would be, sometimes as high as 80% — double what the bank would lend. Their interest rate is much lower than any bank or institutional lender’s could be. And they can fund your loan right away. It makes you wonder why you even tried the bank. Maybe that name, Equities First South Africa actually does mean something. Click Here for more.



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