Try the Fun and Edgy Dental of MB2 Dental

Try the Fun and Edgy Dental of MB2 Dental

The article “Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva – Founder of MB2 Dental”  The piece discusses Dr. Chris Villanueva and how the idea for MB2 Dental Solutions was created. He detailed MB2 Dental Solutions was generated to be a company using both the ideas of the large group practice and private practice in one. The article also delves into what a typical day looks like and how it is productive. He expresses that most of his ideas come to him at night and the type of people he enjoys on his team. Discussed is also how he brings his ideas to realization by having the people around him create ideas and that by working together they can achieve more than working alone. The article investigates the habits that make him more productive, such as he can laugh at himself and values fun in the office.

The editorial similarly asks him questions such as his worse job, what he would do when starting over again, and his strategy to growing the business. Included in the piece are comparable questions and answers concerning Dr. Chris Villanueva. One of the questions that was asked what for a recommendation of a book to read in which he recommends “Start With” by Simon Sinek.The article “The Future of Dentistry and How MB2 Dental is Shattering the Stigma of Traditional Dentistry” can be located and read at An audio interview is encompassed in the article. The interview covers the areas of what makes MB2 Dental Solutions a success.

The areas covered are inspiration, autonomy importance, MB2 culture, future outlook, and advice. Dr. Chris Villanueva discusses how it is important to understand the vision behind the change from traditional dentistry. Included in the piece is how MB2 is altering dentistry for both practitioners and patients by providing a renewed viewpoint. Enclosed also is what make MB2 Dental unique such as their focus on more than just profit and its support and autonomy for practitioners. The company also providers bi yearly retreats for their practitioners to such places like white water rafting and trips to Cabo San Lucas. The article also focuses on what makes the culture of MB2 Dental stand out from competitors. This includes why they find pride in what is offered to clients, the progressive movements, being committed to dentists helping each other, and the technology used to succeed.


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