Twice Rejected Traveling Cat Finds a Home

Twice Rejected Traveling Cat Finds a Home

Toby was a stray cat who thought that he had found a home. However, he didn’t get along well with the other cats who were already in residence. The family he was staying with gave him to some people who lived in another town twelve miles away. They thought Toby would be happy there. Toby had other ideas.

Toby decided that he didn’t want to live at the new house, so he took off back to his old home. Toby made the twelve mile trip and came back to the home of the family that gave him away. However, he was still not welcome.

The family took Toby to the SPCA of Wake County. Instead of asking that Toby be put up for adoption, that asked that he be euthanized. The staff refused, and Toby was placed for adoption.

Toby was neutered, and he found a family that was ready to give him a home that would be forever. At first, the staff was worried because the new family already had some cats. They thought that with Toby’s past issues with other cats, the adoption might not work out.

The staff at the shelter need not have worried. Toby and the household’s other animals are all getting along fine. Toby has even inspired his new family to be involved in helping more animals. Toby’s family is organizing a team to participate in an event that will benefit more animals at the SPCA.

Toby has become something of a celebrity. He now has his own Instagram account,, that already has over 16,000 followers.


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