Twins in Belgium Turn 103

Twins in Belgium Turn 103

Two male twins in Belgium, brothers Pieter and Paulus Langerock, recently turned 103. This makes them the oldest living male twins in the world. The brothers currently live together, just as they have all their lives, and celebrated their birthday from their nursing home near Ghent.

Neither of the men has ever been married or has had children. They both say they regret not having had children, but they agree that merely being there for one another has allowed them to lead happy and fulfilling lives. The two men both served for decades as magistrates and had very successful careers before retiring.

I think that this story shows the important role of family support in aging. It’s safe to say that a factor in the brothers’ longevity is how they’ve helped one another through the years. I doubt they would have lived this long if they didn’t have one another. It’s also notable that the two men had long and fruitful work lives. Having an active life prepares people for retirement, in my opinion.

I’d say that the lesson from this inspirational story is to value family and friends and to support them just as they support you. No one can thrive entirely on their own. Also, stay busy and in the work force for as long as you can – it may just help you live as long as these two brothers.