Two Students Receive Wonderful Surprise

Two Students Receive Wonderful Surprise

Two high school seniors who are about to graduate from high school in Ypsilanti, Michigan, received a wonderful surprise recently. They were called to the gymnasium of their school for a special assembly, and when they got there they were told that they had each won a $50,000 scholarship for college.


The money is a gift from an anonymous donor, and the high school, Washtenaw International High School, is one that has number of gifted students from immigrant families in its student body. The graduating class numbers around 90.


One of the winning students is an immigrant from Nigeria with a gift for science. He plans to attend Emory University in Atlanta and to work on a double major in business and biology; his long-term goal is to be a doctor.


The other winning student comes from China originally, and she plans to study visual arts at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Guidance counselors at the school helped both students prepare their winning applications.


Personally, I think its remarkable that the donor of this money choose to be anonymous. It takes a special kind of person to give so much money in the first place, and only a truly extraordinary donor wants keep their identity a secret.


Furthermore, it’s terrific to see two such deserving young people receive this gift. I imagine that one day they will become successful themselves because of the educations that the money provided and will choose to give back financially themselves to young people just like they are now.



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