Understanding Kabbalah

Understanding Kabbalah

The origin of Kabbalah is from the ancient Babylon. Its Science has not been fully disclosed to all the people of the world. It had remained hidden from human beings, but it appeared more than four thousand years ago. There is an undying allure of Kabbalah from various groups of individuals because of such concealment. There are many notable people among them high Scientists such as Newton, Pico Della Mirandola and Leibniz who have tried to understand the Science of Kabbalah but to no avail. It is only a few people who are experienced and who have known the Science.

It has not been easy to understand the Science of Kabbalah and its teachings because it does not talk about the world. Not many people can be able to know what cannot be seen by naked eyes or touched by bare hands. Also, people understand what they have experienced and what they have never experienced in their life. There have been different beliefs by the people of the world which are connected to Kabbalah for a long time. Things such as curses, spells, and miracles are not what Kabbalah entails despite various groups of people having such beliefs. All this is based on misinterpretations and misconceptions. Here are the proper ways of Kabbalah.

There is a creator who can also be regarded as a great force. There are governing powers that come from the high energy to the world. The top power creates human beings, and it is the creator. There are many forces, but it doesn’t matter for people to know all these forces. There are forces that we already know such as the strength of gravity, the force of electromagnet and other forces such as the power of thought. There are other significant effects that we do not know and are hidden.

The ultimate force is called the Creator. The Creator sums up all the forces that exist in the world. The upper force was responsible for upper worlds. There is what is called Machsom, which is a barrier separating the upper worlds and our world. There is “the Creator” who is also referred to as “the World of Infinity.” It is the force that came to all the worlds giving birth to the earth and humans. The Kabbalah Science does not study people and their world like the traditional Science. It studies all that exist beyond the machsom force.



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