Up-Close with the OSI Industries and how it has grown into a Global Food Service Juggernaut

Up-Close with the OSI Industries and how it has grown into a Global Food Service Juggernaut

The OSI Industries has exponentially grown to become a leading food service provider worldwide with a competent staff comprising of 20,000 workers executing tasks in 65 branches in 17 countries. Ever since its impressive transformation from humble beginnings to a formidable corporate business, the company has broken boundaries to deliver exceptional food products to diverse clients in a highly competitive globalized economy.

Over the past five years, the prominent food provider has considerably grabbed the headlines by executing its highly ambitious expansion program throughout Europe and Asia. Since his appointment in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin is credited with playing a prominent role in fueling the OSI Industries’ global expansion program.

Investments in Chicago

OSI Industries made a bold and lucrative investment by purchasing the Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago. Consisting of over 200,000 square feet, the plant provides sufficient space for the food service company to spur production and meet the ever-increasing needs of North American clients. Even though the plant was initially designed to enhance poultry production, the company pulled out all the stops to transform it into a diverse food production facility.

Breaking Boundaries with Various Acquisitions in the U.K

As a testament to its global reach, the leading food service provider made a historic milestone by purchasing Flagship Europe in December 2016. Such an ambitious venture is aimed at increasing its presence across the United Kingdom and various parts of Europe. Currently, the U.K-based food plant specializes in the distribution of sumptuous pies, dressings, frozen poultry and tantalizing sauces for various food service businesses. With the latest acquisition, the former Flagship Europe was expeditiously renamed to Creative Foods Europe to tap into the company’s diverse capabilities.

Equally important is the company’s latest purchase of Calder Foods, a food service provider specializing in dips, sandwich fillings and sauces to captivate customers’ various taste buds. According to a verified source from Creative Foods Europe, the new acquisition by the top food service company produces a ripple effect by strengthening the company’s position in the marketplace.

Business Interests in Spain

The enterprise’s significant investment in Toledo, Spain speaks volumes about its commitment to dominating the global market. With the construction of a high-capacity production line, the leading food service provider has boosted its poultry production from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually. The significant investment is also expected to increase animal-based protein production to 45,000 tons.

OSI Industries in Brief

OSI Industries has progressively grown from a Chicago-based small butcher and meat shop in 1909 to a global entity spanning various continents. The company first gained recognition as the McDonald’s official ground beef supplier in 1955. Ever since, the company has grown by leaps and bounds by complementing McDonald’s ever growing needs. Today, the company is operational in Taiwan, Austria, Spain, Brazil and many more countries. Its reputation for providing outstanding poultry, dough, fish, vegetable products and beef remains unparalleled.


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