Using Creativity to Develop a Brand

Using Creativity to Develop a Brand

kipsbay10A brand is developed through innovation. Innovation enables the originality of an idea to be visible. Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who has embraced innovativeness. He blends different designs to create an innovative design. He blends contemporary designs with vintage and comes up with various designs. Richard’s designs are popular because of their peculiar nature. He introduces modernity with a different perspective in design. This makes him an industry leader. Richard is a graduate of Columbia University. He has an interest in fashion and interior design. This enables him to collaborate his knowledge and skills to produce his brand in the market. His work is collected at different studios.

The major studios in the country expose his works at an international level. It increases his credibility in the field and enables him to market his products.. Richard Mishaan has specialized in decorating the different hotels. This has enabled his pieces to be popular. He decorates the various hotels in different cities. This has enabled him to grow his skills.

It is important to note that Richard also does residential projects besides the hotel projects. The residential projects are private in nature. He offers his services to different clients. This increases his accessibility at various markets. He offers residential projects and hotel projects at various prices. The prices vary because the two projects depend on what the client expects. Richard has mastered how to satisfy the customer’s needs by exceeding their expectation. He can have a wider market through referral by customers.

The media has featured Richard’s artistic works. It has been featured in different fashion magazines and websites. This is also another channel of marketing strategy. It increases his visibility in the market and enables him to understand the skill in an open-minded manner. His ability to tell the most accurate design for any space makes him the best in the industry. Artists should learn how to develop a brand for themselves. They should embrace innovativeness and creativity. This will make them competitive in the industry.


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