Using Expert Financial Advice for Long Term Business Growth

Using Expert Financial Advice for Long Term Business Growth

Large businesses have a major problem in this new financial era: raising adequate capital to fund their ventures. In many cases, even established businesses have trouble securing the money that they need to expand or continue their operations. In some instances a financial setback may occur that is only temporary to an unforeseen circumstance, in other cases extra funds are needed to expand for an unforeseen spike.

But, in many of these cases, even with an increase in overall funding, a business may not be able to quantify the expansion into tangible gains. This is because many businesses don’t know how to properly allocate capital once they acquire it. Capital may be put to use in the wrong place, or in the wrong portion of the business. Because business operates in a way where one portion depends upon the other, after a while the entire business suffers.

In these situations an individual is needed who has experience in acquiring capital and allocating it for the business in a way that makes sense and increase the business’s profitability smartly. These individuals usually possess specialized knowledge in the field of finance and business, and a wide area of experience in strategic planning, business development and more.

Individuals like Brian Bonar, a graduate of Stafford University, England has a wealth of experience in matters that pertain to business development and finance. He obtained a PhD and a MBA from Stafford, and has used his vast wealth of experience in assisting numerous companies, as well as serving as the CEO/ Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has worked for large Fortune 500 entities like IBM, STTN and numerous other large businesses with corporate development and financial strategies across Europe and the United States.

The goal of large business is to develop plans and systems that will allow them more profitability with less overhead. Bonar has a pedigree that is bred from close association with some of the largest businesses in the world. This unique financial knowledge he utilizes allows these businesses to experience new levels of growth and prosperity.


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