Using Music to Champion Human Rights

Using Music to Champion Human Rights

Music is part of culture for different groups and countries around the world. Some music genres are associated within certain groups in the society. It is mainly used to spread awareness on important issues or to provide entertainment to the listeners. The music industry is one of the most dynamic and lucrative industries. The main players in the sector include music producers, directors and the artists. Just like the other sectors, the music industry has adopted high-level technology in both production and performance. Some of the musicians have been at loggerheads with the government for making music that is considered as inciting and against the culture of the nation. Most of them continue speaking their minds through their lyrics regarding important issues in the society irrespective of the government’s demands.

One of the most controversial topics in some countries is homosexuality. Some countries have firm stands against people who are involved in the act and some people have punished. Despite the firm stand by such governments, some of the musicians have recorded a number of tracks that have been received warmly by their audience. BTS is a group of musicians who have earned international recognition for releasing songs that touch on some human rights. The group have revolutionized the pop music. The group has been consistent in their work and this could be the main reason behind their success.

Other than entertainment, music can be used to expose some human rights violation acts and help in seeking justice for the victims. BTS has also been involved in several acts of charity as a way of giving back to the society. One of the most notable contributions is to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children are often forgotten even when other people are celebrating various occasions.


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