Utah Man Finds Kidney for His Wife

Utah Man Finds Kidney for His Wife

A Utah man finally found a kidney for his wife after walking miles everyday for her holding a giant sign. Wayne Winters walked wearing a giant white and red sign that said he needs a kidney for his wife, and she is A- blood type. He has been married to his wife for 26 years, and in an post-interview stated that if she can have a good five years from this kidney then that would be great.

His wife, Deanne Winters, finally got a kidney. It was from an organ donor who passed away. When Wayne began walking the streets holding his sign for his wife’s kidney, his phone blew up. He told reporters that he got between 7 to 800 calls in response to his plea. Deanne Winters suffered from stage five kidney disease, and has been kidney donor list for two years.

The National Kidney Foundation reports that 13 people on the kidney donor list die everyday. They die awaiting a kidney transplant. In addition, they report that 3,000 people are added to the list every month. They go on to state that wait times can exceed three years.

Wayne Winters’s story went viral and he received many offers to help. KSTU reported that he has been waiting with his wife for two years before they finally got a kidney for Deanne. He commented that he is going to continue walking the streets with his sign.

According to KSTU, Wayne is reported to say that he think we could start a kidney revolution. What makes this story even more remarkable is the fact that he is 74 years old and has been reported walking with his sign for weeks. When he got the phone call that a kidney was ready for his wife, he replied that he was overwhelmed.


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