Vicious Dog Call Turns Into Friendly Hangout

Vicious Dog Call Turns Into Friendly Hangout

A Texas police department got a call on Sunday about a wild dog on the loose that day. Police reacted quickly and sent an officer to investigate the matter. As Officer Travis Frost pulled up to the scene of the crime, a wild American Bully lying on someone’s front porch, Officer Travis Frost took precautions.

He exited his police car and left the door open in case he needed to quickly get inside for safety. Officer Travis approached the situation as any Texas Policeman might; he whistled at the dog. Immediately , Gold ran up to him. It turns out that Gold was the dog’s name and he was microchipped. Gold ran up to Officer Travis and without missing a beat, jumped into his police car as if he was the new canine sidekick. Officer Travis was amused and took pictures and posted them all over Facebook.

Officer Travis commented that he was corrected on the dog breed as being an American Bully and not a Pit Bull. He admits that he is able to distinguish between small breads and large breads, such as a Great Dane to a Chihuahua, but not too much between dogs of a similar genetic make-up. He apologized for not stating the correct breed.

Officer Travis took the opportunity to state that everyone should be careful around dogs that they do not know. He pointed out however, that in cases like these, not all large animals are bad dogs. Gold was united once again to his owner a day later. Texarkana, Texas Police Department comments that owners who keep their pets chipped should also keep their contact information current.

His story went viral with 4 million views, 45,000 Facebook shares and 91,000 likes to his post that included pictures of the Gold in the police car.


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