“Vicious” Dog Turns Out To Be Friendly

“Vicious” Dog Turns Out To Be Friendly

When a police officer receives a call about a mean animal on the loose, they are left on edge. They approach the scene where the animal is supposed to be in a cautious way and they are nervous about what they will find. That’s the way that things were for one police officer as he headed off to take care of a “vicious” pit bull in a neighborhood. He made his way to the area where the dog was supposed to be with care, and he was ready for anything that might be in front of him. What he found, though, put him at ease right away.

When the police officer arrived at the location where the mean dog was supposed to be, he found the dog sitting peacefully in front of a home. As he got closer to the dog, he found it to be friendly and not at all what he was expecting. The police officer ended up becoming friends with the dog. He got his picture with the dog and he spent time just being with him. This police officer bonded with the dog and he started to care about him. The dog was not what he had expected when he first got the call to come and deal with a wild animal.

There are times when things are not as they appear to be, and it seems that was the case for those who called in the pit bull that ended up being a friendly animal just looking for someone to care about him and pay attentin to him.


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