Visual Search Technology Makes The Browsing Experience Better

Visual Search Technology Makes The Browsing Experience Better

Visual search is a technology that has been used to create a search engine that recognizes image search. The search engine has been mostly used through Smartphone, where you can search for anything you want online without necessarily typing. The search engine uses image capture to identify the type of item one is searching for and similar results are displayed. With visual search companies like Slyce out there, it is quickly becoming one of the best technologies especially when you cannot remember the name of some item you want to read about online.

Mobile phones have evolved with new designs offering high resolution cameras and editing properties. This is one of the things that have simplified the process of searching for images online through the visual search technology. The search engine is designed to offer several options like if you would like to watch videos that are related to the item you have searched. You can also be redirected to similar images that contain the same texture as well as color and shape, as the object you have used while searching.

The process through which the information contained in the image is interpreted is simple. When the search engine captures the image, that information is submitted to the server application for processing. After this, the image is put through a process for analysis to test whether it fits within any bracket that contains similar characteristics. When the right matches are obtained, results are displayed on your phone screen. Though the above description looks procedural, the time it takes to receive the results is the normal time it would take while searching through keywords. The search engine is designed to offer quick and responsive results.

For mobile users, the visual search technology has been made available through applications that you can download. Once installed, you will only need internet to execute the queries you need. You can shop online by searching for the item you need using this technology. Basically, the technology aims at making it easier to find items that you need. Unlike keyword search, visual search brings the exact item you are looking for. If for instance you are searching for a blue handbag, the search results will give the same color of the item. However, this is on to mean you cannot explore other options. The search engine is customized well to offer several options where you can instruct it on the type of results you want to receive.


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