Vivaldi Teams Up With Ecosia to Save Environment

Vivaldi Teams Up With Ecosia to Save Environment

while everyone may have some worry over the rising temperature of the planet, web browser Vivaldi has come up with a solution to better conserve and replenish the environment. The latest version of Vivaldi, Vivaldi 1.9, has partnered with a search engine named Ecosia. Ecosia shifts 80 percent of all revenue generated from advertisements toward the operating budgets of a variety tree plantations across the globe. Vivaldi has decided to reciprocate Ecosia’s green-mindedness by making Ecosia the default search engine of its web browser. Anyone using an older version of the Vivaldi web browser can easy make Ecosia her default web browser by fiddling around in Vivaldi’s settings menu.


Since its establishment back in 2009, Ecosia has aided in the planting of nearly 7.5 million trees across the globe. Ecosia operates by combinging its own algorithms with Microsoft’s Bing browser in order to generate hits. Further cementing the browser’s eco-conscious approach, Ecosia has a tree counter in the upper-right corner of the screen that shows users just how many trees they have personally aided in the planting of.


Vivaldi Technologies’ CEO Jon von Tetzchner commented that his company was proud to work with Ecosia and that he looked forward to helping computer users make a difference in the planet’s environment through the simple act of browsing the internet.


Parties interested in changing over to Vivaldi as a web browser will notice that the Ecosia search engine will appear automatically on the home page after installing the browser. Any user updating from an older build of Vivaldi can simply click the option to restore default settings and the system will automatically switch the default search engine to Ecosia. Beyond helping the planet out through its Ecosia partnership, Vivaldi 1.9 also comes with several security fixes and improved features for basic functions.



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