Waffle Stacking World Record Set in Denver

Waffle Stacking World Record Set in Denver

When Denver Post’s Elizabeth Hernandez got an invite to cover the building of the world’s tallest stack of waffles, she expected it to be at a restaurant serving them. Instead, when she showed up to cover the event on May 26, 2018, she discovered that it was at the home of Spencer McCullough in Denver. In fact, the only announcement that she was at the right place was a piece of notebook paper taped to the front door instructing visitors to go around back.


The setup to build the world’s largest stack of waffles was not fancy. In fact, McCullough who is an entrepreneur and land surveyor worked in the backyard of his home. College friend Steve Garguilo who lives in Texas flew in to help McCullough with the event.


The two men made waffles from more than 50 pounds of battle. In order to make them more stackable, each waffle was broiled after baking them. The two men worked very carefully as the heat of the day rose to assemble the tower that eventually rose to be more than 67 centimeters tall. It was touch and go for a while whether the stack would continue to stand. In fact, at one point, Steve Garguilo broke a plate as he hurried to straighten the leaning tower.


The new record still has to be certified by Guinness who requires that the record is set in a way that the waffles can be eaten after the record was set. Elizabeth says that may have been the easy part of covering this assignment as the waffles were very good. Several neighbors joined the building team and reporter to eat the waffles.


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