Walking Towards A Brighter Future

Walking Towards A Brighter Future

How far would you walk to get to your job if you had nothing but your own two feet to get you there? One mile? Three miles? How long would the hardship of walking every day to work last before you just couldn’t do it anymore and gave up?

Trenton Lewis from Little Rock, Arkansas, has walked 11 miles a day to get to his job with UPS for the last three months. He gets up in the early morning hours, still dark, and walks the 5 1/2 miles to work in the dark to be on time before 5 a.m. He does it all again after a hard day, sometimes getting a ride here and there but for most of the three months, he has walked along the same route to and from work.

His incentive? His young daughter. He said he wants to be around to be a good father to her, and that means doing all he can to support her. Being late for work was something he knew he didn’t want to do so he just put his mind to the task, and UPS can confirm he’s never been late in the three months he’s worked for them.

The 21-year-old single father thought that no one at work knew of his lack of transportation, however, a co-worker happened to learn of the situation one day and swore his other co-workers to secrecy and a plan.

Fellow employees like Kenneth Bryant and others, decided that anyone who had that much determination to succeed was someone they wanted to see succeed. Even some retired employees of UPS, after hearing the good the young man wanted to do with his life, chipped into the car fund.

The employees at UPS agreed this was something they just had to do and together, they came up with $2,000 for a car for the young father, which is the first car he’s ever had.

In a Live Facebook video, the coworkers presented the car to the grateful young man and there were inspiring words of encouragement for him to keep doing what he was doing, and to always keep his eye on the future.


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