Walnut The Whippet Gets His Final Walk

Walnut The Whippet Gets His Final Walk

There’s nothing more powerful than seeing a group of strangers come together for someone in need. That’s exactly what happened on a beach in Cornwall. It was all for one special whippet named Walnut.


According to Reddit, Walnut is 18-years-old. He’s reached an age where his health has started failing. Although sad, Walnut lead a very good life. He had owners who loved him and went on lots of adventures. His owners loved him so much that they planned something special. Mark Woods posted on social media that he wanted to take his dog Walnut on one final walk and he wanted people to participate. He had no idea the type of support that would show up.


So many people were touched by Walnuts story that strangers came from all over the world for just a walk on the beach. Walnut and hundreds of others took in the fresh air and simply enjoyed a walk. It was a walk that would be Walnuts last. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after in the arms of his owner. Walnut had a good long life. Not only that but he helped to inspire hundreds of people. He showed that people can come together to show support for others.


Overall, social media truly helped to make Walnuts last walk a special one. It was his favorite beach that he was able to enjoy one last time. Dogs love people as well and so this outpouring of support didn’t just mean a lot to the owner. It meant a lot to Walnut as well.



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