We Dine Together

We Dine Together

Thinking back to high school, everyone can remember how, no matter what school they attended, someone was left out. Take a look at any high school cafeteria during lunch and someone, feeling completely alone, is often very easy to spot, regardless of who is around them.

Denis Estimon, who is a senior st Boca Raton High School in Boca Raton, Florida is doing his part to change these types of normalicies.. While Denis has plenty of close friends now, he can remember how difficult it was to move to a new elementary school when he was younger. He says he has never forgotten how lonely he felt, seeing everyone else busy in friendship circles. He, along with his friends, started a club called We Dine Together, because he did not want anyone else to feel the loneliness he felt with no friends. The group of friends made it their goal to make sure no one is alone at lunchtime. The friends started their club last fall and have already helped to form friendships between hundreds of their school’s students. For many new students at Boca Raton, this group and its mission have led to true lifelines when they had no one else to talk to. The club has brought together people who never were envisioned as forming friendships. One particular club member gave up his position on the football team to spend more time making friends and helping to promote the We Dine Together club. Many confess it has been so much more than a club for them. Rather, it was exactly what they needed, at a time when they truly needed it most.

Denis is not stopping there, with his school’s club, though. He and his friends are taking it all across the country by trying to show other schools the benefits of such a club, in hopes that students at other schools want to open their own We Dine Together clubs. They want to show the world that nobody deserves to be alone, ever. That something as simple as a group at lunch can lead to true friendships, even outside of a school cafeteria.



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