WebFronts Review: The Latest Announcement From RWS

WebFronts Review: The Latest Announcement From RWS

Retailer Web Services caters primarily to durable goods manufacturers of the independent variety. Recently, as of August 23rd, 2016, this group announced its latest software, WebFronts Review.
WebFronts Review is an online reputation management software solution which has been engineered based on the feedback which came from a survey of some 1,400 consumers. The survey concerned what things influenced their choices when it came to reviews online.

After the survey’s conduction was complete, RWS isolated six key components in the consolidation of online reputation to a single location. Popular sites like Google, Amazon, and Yelp can be responded to and heard from automatically, and all through the WebFronts Review Interface.

The six main steps which meter response and reputation management from a consolidated location are the monitoring of online reviews, alerting retailers when a positive or negative review is posted, responding to that review with an automated form (to save time) or a personalized response (depending on the review), soliciting feedback from both negative and positive reviewers as an aide in development, showcasing positive reviews on the company’s home website, and sharing positive reviews on a company’s social media outlets. All these tasks can be completed from a single location with WebFronts Review, and that’s its primary positive aspect. Without the need for the use of multiple websites and social media platforms individually, there are hours that can be shaved from the online reputation management budget.

It’s very important to have affordable online reputation management options. Ultimately this bill is a utility, like rent, electric, water, waste, heating, or the internet. Yes, the internet has become a utility today, and even features that are used on that internet are making themselves professionally integral.

Businesses must be prepared to make a continuous investment toward cogent online reputation management if they expect to remain competitive. Yelp reviews have killed small and large groups. And they’ve built up others. And, sometimes, they’ve done nothing horrible or great for a business, because that business had solid enough reputation management solutions that it was able to withstand the opinionated internet seas, be they calm or asinine.



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