What Inspires Jason Hope to Fund Anti-Aging Researching

What Inspires Jason Hope to Fund Anti-Aging Researching

In a conference held at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel in August 2014, Jason Hope pledged to invest millions of dollars to combat aging and its adverse effects. The historic conference was organized and coordinated by the SENS Research Foundation and it focused on rejuvenation techniques and solutions for aging. SENS Research Chief of Science Officer and Co-Founder, Aubrey de Grey kicked off the event with a startling speech that stressed the importance of accelerating the development of new-age anti-aging medical solutions. To make meaningful progress, Aubrey argues that collaboration among the primary stakeholders is inevitable.

Partnering with SENS

The SENS Research Foundation sponsored event brought together hundreds of experts from diverse fields such as, oncology, regenerative medicine and, biotech scientists, and molecular and cellular damage scientists. That outing was a sheer success as the panel of experts ended breaking new ground on the rejuvenation strategies and the anti-aging preventative solutions. Jason Hope, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Arizona was also in attendance and he upped his 2010 donations of half a million dollars with an even larger donation. That particular generous act pales in comparison, however, when you recall how Jason Hope chucked 2 dollars for every dollar donated by his philanthropic friends, the Fight Aging Foundation. Speaking soon after he lived up to his incredible promise, Jason Hope lauded SANS Research Foundation and indeed, all the other high-profile guests in attendance at the charity ball for their earnest efforts to save humanity from the ravages of aging.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an exceptional human being who carries many honorary titles. Over the years, Hope’s carved a remarkable reputation as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business consultant, and futurist and as a motivational speaker. Jason’s life began in the humble and laid-back American town of Temple, Arizona. The visionary character would later excel in his high school studies and eventually join the prestigious Arizona State University. At the state university, Mr. Hope pursued a degree in Finance and Business Administration before venturing into the fast lane as a hot-shot consultant cum investor.

Finding a Reputable Charity

Jason’s job and career took him to virtually all the states and out of the country as well. Today, he’s, however, returned to his home state and works in Scottsdale, AZ. One of the main reasons that prompted the veteran serial investor to return to Arizona was his passion and genuine interest in lifting the conditions of folks living in squalor. Just like his zeal to fund research to fight aging, Jason’s work with the poor is an attempt to raise the quality of living for everyone regardless of their wealth and other superficial statuses. Jason Hope offers excellent advice and tips for aspiring donors as they embark on a quest to fund the charity of their choice. To learn these golden rules that serve to protect you from getting ripped off by the unscrupulous anti-aging charities cropping up everywhere just click this link.

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