What is Shervin Pishevar’s prediction on the fall of the Top American companies and Hope for Entrepreneurs?

What is Shervin Pishevar’s prediction on the fall of the Top American companies and Hope for Entrepreneurs?

What did Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour rant talk about American leading companies?

Pishevar’s Twitter rant did not miss the dominant American companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. In his tweets, he sought to highlight the monopolies’ influence and even predicted their downfall. He talked of the companies as big monopolies that limit the sprouting of small and medium companies. He equates their power with that of a nation-state and he believes that the continued use of their financial power to buy up startups would eventually lead to a system collapse.

Shervin Pishevar suggests that the influence and power of the leading American companies is often underestimated. He thinks that many industry players are ignoring the companies’ influence while allowing them to gain more monopolistic power. He even identifies the excitement of small cities’ leaderships across the country whenever Amazon sets up offices in such cities and cites it as misguided.

What did Pishevar says about the small businesses and entrepreneurs across the United States?

Although Shervin Pishevar seemed eager to highlight the failures in the American economic system, he had a couple of positive remarks, especially regarding entrepreneurs and small businesses. He pointed out that entrepreneurs are ‘stateless’ when it comes to sourcing finances and have the capacity to raise any amount of capital that they need. He believes that the key to the success of entrepreneurs and small businesses will be on the way they choose the currencies.

Shervin Pishevar seems to suggest that small businesses and entrepreneurs could use the emergence of digital currencies to gain advantage over big companies. This is because they create opportunities for new ways of raising capital. He advises small companies and startups to look into opportunities that have come with the unique digital currencies for financing.

Since Shervin Pishevar believes that multinationals like Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft could instigate a system failure, he suggests that the new currencies could be important in spurring the economy forward. This will happen if small players are able to look for unique capital in the form of digital currencies and use the capital to get a competitive advantage over already established multinationals.



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