What Many Don’t Know About Michael Burwell

What Many Don’t Know About Michael Burwell

Some organizations are always overwhelmed and excited when they are able to bring some personalities along with their management team because they know that the profit of the firm is guaranteed. One of such legends that organizations long to have in their staff team is Michael J. Burwell. But why would he be having such a high demand? Well, every company has a goal of minimizing costs and maximizing their profits. Anytime they hear of a human resource that can help them achieve their goal, then they just have to scramble for the person.


Michael Burwell stands at the very center of organization’s scramble for his qualification and vast experience in the world of finance. This could be the force behind Willis Towers Watson, one of the global advisory, insurance, and reinsurance services specialists, to run for him and hire him as their new Chief Financial Officer. This are the specialists you don’t just ignore, or you just let them go if you want to see your organization hit those enormous profit margins. Mike brings 31 years of experience in finance and professional services into Willis Tower Watson which he gained from his previous firms like PwC.


Accompanying him is the 11 years of experience in auditing and 12 years of Transaction services which are inclusive of experience in due diligence, pre-merger, and even valuation. Michael Burwell is indeed well established and solid in financial matters. Michael Burwell has a thorough understanding of leading, managing and even directing results even in the most complex and fast-growing company with his main focus being customers and clients. He has always developed long-term strategies for companies which have made them display their full potential. However, this may not be achieved if he doesn’t get strong leadership, teamwork spirit and through the commitment to the customers.


Willis Tower Watson, which is Burwell’s current operating base, started in 1828 and has been helping their clients to manage risk, maximize their profits and expand their capital base for their growth. The company has a large population of employees which are over 40,000 who are distributed globally in their branches in over 140 countries.


Michael Burwell has served in various leadership roles in Pricewaterhouse Coopers which includes Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer and the Head of Transaction Services. He started building his foundation when he enrolled at Michigan State University where he graduated with Bachelor of Art Degree in Business Administration. Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant, and this has enabled him to dispense his duties in a very professional manner. Read This Article to learn more.


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