What Paul Mampilly Told Ideamensch About His Current Work

What Paul Mampilly Told Ideamensch About His Current Work

Sometimes bringing home a big salary every pay period isn’t what makes people happy with their jobs, and it certainly rings true of Paul Mampilly who made a lot of money on Wall Street but retired even before reaching the prime of middle age. He no longer wanted to just share his investment secrets with America’s wealthiest investors, but instead he wanted every middle class investor who would normally be left out to have that same access to it. He currently spends his time researching stocks during the morning and compiling newsletters with inside information during the rest of the day. Mampilly has a few tips to finding good investment advice that he shared with Ideamensch not long ago.

Mampilly told Ideamensch that he’s generally looked for stocks that were quite young and that represented the future of business, and some of the mega trends he’s been excited about are robotics, cryptocurrency, precision medicine and other Internet of Things stocks. Mampilly says one of the most important things about his investment methods is not just looking at what’s worked in the past, but also hearing from critics and considering how he could be wrong about his idea. But he also says he looks at things that young people are interested in because shopping habits among them are key in looking at how the market will behave in the future.

Part of Paul Mampilly’s story that he told Ideamensch was how he worked two jobs while attending college in a cafeteria cleaning after hours, and pumping gas at a local gas station. He went to college at Montclair State University after his family who are from India were able to send him there. His first job after graduating was becoming a low-level research assistant at Deutsche Bank, but Mampilly moved up from that position quickly when his superiors realized how much potential he had as an advisor. Paul Mampilly moved on to several other banks before becoming the managing director at Kinetics International Fund, one of the world’s top new hedge funds of 2006. In addition to managing billions in client assets there, Mampilly also became winner of the Templeton Foundation competition in 2009 when he made an investment in funds that were backed against the 2008 recession.

Even prior to leaving Wall Street, Paul Mampilly had also started buying up stocks in some of today’s biggest entertainment and healthcare companies including Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics. As author of the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter and publisher on YouTube, he shows other people which stocks he currently has and how they can buy them without a broker or advisor. Mampilly has made believers of just about all his followers who number of 50,000 faithful.

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