When We Go to Mars We’ll Need a Flag for Earth

When We Go to Mars We’ll Need a Flag for Earth

When astronauts venture out of space, they are not just representing their own countries but the earth in general. It is this kind of thinking that inspired a Swedish student, 24-year-old Oskar Pernefeldt, to create a flag for the whole planet.

Oskar sees no sense in using just our country flags when countries are collaborating more than ever. The space race is now a thing of the past and countries are now working together towards a common goal. That is reason enough to have a flag that represents this unity.

Coming up with a flag that would be able to represent all nations was quite challenging. In his earlier attempts, he included the image of the earth, something that his predecessors Bruce Karatz and John McConnell, Earth Day Founder, had done (read article on brucekaratz.com).

Oskar was looking for something that would motivate. He chose color blue to represent the vast oceans and used the interlocking ring design to represent a flower- life on earth and also to represent the unity of the nations.

The challenge that Oskar will have, as have other flag designers before him, is lack of acceptance for the flag. Normally one has a buyer or a client while creating such a flag. It will be up to agencies like UN or NASA to decide whether they will use the flag. However, Oskar is contented with just presenting his idea of the need to have an Earth flag.


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