White Shark Media Alters Course After Complaints

White Shark Media Alters Course After Complaints

Thriving in the world of internet marketing often requires the help of expert management. Setting up and launching a Google or Bing AdWords campaign require expert management in order to thrive. Anyone can set up an account and set a campaign in motion.

Not everyone is able to drive and AdWords campaign to its maximum potential. White Shark Media is a company that provides access to search engine marketing specialists capable of properly running a campaign.

According to Glassdoor, does this mean White Shark Media is an enterprise free of complaints or controversy? No, there have been a few complaints levied against this well-meaning business. Showing a serious commitment to its clients, the company has decided to clearly and definitively discuss matters on its blog.

A few of the complaints were somewhat minor. For example, customers did express wishes that White Shark Media would offer additional services. Search engine optimization work has consistently been requested. Currently, the company performs SEO evaluations and offers suggestions but does not actually perform SEO work.

Other requests by customers were a bit more serious. White Shark absolutely took the feedback and reviews from clients very seriously. The major changes performed by the management of company does show White Shark Media wants to give its clients what they are asking.


Better communications was at the top of the list of request made by clients. Direct phone lines to SEM specialists and sales representatives were not in existence a short while ago. They are now. The easier and more direct phone system absolutely has its benefits. Confusion and lack of communication are both greatly curtailed.

Communications was improved in other ways. In the most dramatic change, monthly online meetings – established through the Go2Meeting service – allow SEM specialists and clients to meet and discuss campaigns, their strategies, and current strategies.

Additionally, White Shark Media will allow those clients who switch over from another AdWords management firm to retain their original AdWords accounts. This way, the entire original campaign does not have to be scrapped. Parts of the first campaign may very well be working to a degree. White Shark Media will continue with these original components as long as they are generating revenues for clients.

The better tracking of offline – namely phone – leads has been instituted also. This way, clients gain better insights into whether or not AdWords are boosting phone inquiries,

White Shark Media really deserves a lot of credit. The firm knows when to steer things into a better direction.

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