White Shark Media Doesn’t Let Complaints Go Unresolved

White Shark Media Doesn’t Let Complaints Go Unresolved

White Shark Media is a unique company that designs Google AdWords campaigns for clients, and helps them grow their business. Founded in 2011, White Shark Media did a great job of establishing their credibility that they were awarded as one of Google’s premier small business partners.

White Shark Media’s PPC and SEM services are quite comprehensive, and potential clients can even get a free evaluation from them for their current AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media has received a lot of positive reviews and commendations, but they haven’t been free of complaints. They have changed the way they do business to help address some of those complaints.

One popular complaint was that clients had felt they were losing track of their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media acknowledged they had been doing a lot of work on campaigns in the past, without keeping clients involved each step. So they’ve started up monthly review meetings through GoToMeeting.com to update clients and tell them where the campaigns and generated leads are heading.

In keeping with keeping in touch with AdWords campaigns, White Shark has also formed groups of senior advisors who keep track of a client signup process all the way through the time they are assigned a contact person.

This change allows contact people to become more in tune with what the client needs, and if they’re not sure what to do, they can call on the advisors for guidance. White Shark Media also has teams of supervisors who monitor the work that the AdWords specialists are doing on a particular campaign, so that way things move according to schedule and deadlines are met.

According to Clutch.co, another complaint has been that clients felt White Shark Media’s new AdWords campaigns were actually doing worse than the original ones. White Shark Media has now made sure to look at what is making a campaign successful so that they don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed.

They want to maximize production without reinventing the wheel and if a current campaign or account has done well, they now give users the option to continue using their current AdWords account.

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