Who is Dr. Johanan Rand?

Who is Dr. Johanan Rand?

Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers that have their offices in NJ. He specializes in physiatrist, rehabilitation, and physical medicine. Rand studied at the reputable Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr. Johanan practices just peer-review medicine.

What this means is that he will not prescribe or recommend any treatment that he cannot support with medical research. What is more, Dr. Rand is very kind, empathetic, and puts his patient’s health needs before anything else. This is why many patients prefer to seek his services when looking for health optimization.

This 50-year old doctor is considered a role model by most of his patients. On top of all his medical expertise, he is a health and fitness expert and is even working on a book titled “it is not too late to live past 100”. Dr. Johanan Rand is also an expert in demonstrating facts based support on bio-identical hormones. His passion for the field is truly immense, and he disregards the method of other doctors who often prescribe pills to patients simply because they are ill.

This doctor’s motivation and intense interest is very catchy, and he always strives to make his patients attain their health goals. His method dwells on the entire picture that includes bio-identical hormones, fitness, supplements, and nutrition. Before using this method, he has to come up with a plan after carrying out a comprehensive physical examination so that there is no room for doubt.

Healthy Aging medical Centers physicians are very qualified to provide their patients with top-notch medical treatments using a functional integrative and regenerative method. They have developed custom programs and executed them with the aim of preventing ailments and restoring well-being and vitality. This, in turn, ensures that patients get to age healthily. These physicians have all they need to ensure that the patients receive the best integrative care. Their passion also ensures that they achieve great results for their patients. They use a high-tech programmatic mode of delivery to provide these services. Patients can also receive education and therapy via scientifically tested peer-reviewed medical publications.

Dr. Johanan Rand demonstrates his passion in the field by leading by example. He lives a healthy, active lifestyle that includes taking healthy meals, incorporating supplements, doing cardio and weight training, practicing yoga, and partaking in martial arts. His patients are happy and lucky because he only uses the safest methods of treating them to ensure the remedy is highly effective.




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