Why Sergio Cortes Is Taking The World Of Impersonating To A New Level

Why Sergio Cortes Is Taking The World Of Impersonating To A New Level

Sergio Cortes is known for creating a unique persona on the stage whenever he brings to life the magic of Michael Jackson to life. What he does so well is how he compiled a variety of traditional stage techniques to help create the perfect show. He stands out and does so well whenever he goes on stage because of thee things: he has the face, singing, and dancing ability.

Why Sergio Cortes Is Taking The World Of Impersonating To A New Level

– Impressive Live Shows

What he does so well is his ability to create impressive shoes that go beyond what Michael Jackson represents. He strives to create live shows that are entertaining and do more than just imitating Michael. He actually takes special effects and unique stage tactics to help enhance the mood in the room. Anybody who watches Sergio live will find that he knows everything about Michael and can truly bring to life this performer bery well. He handles the pressure of the stage very well and can do everything he plans to in rehearsal and live.

– Singing & Dancing

The other two things that helps him stand out so much is the beautiful singing and dancing that he adds to his shows. He has the ability to showcase amazing music. His singing is extremely identical to the original voice of Michael. Even when he decides to sing live, you can be sure that you will hear his natural and real voice to shine through. He truly knows how to showcase his my sknging voice in all songs Michael made. If you love the real and original songs of Michael, this is the guy worth listening to live. As a dancer as well, he has the amazing backup dancers who all bring together a real and amazing my live experience.

There are so many great people who just love Sergio because of how well he performs. He truly knows how to take music to a whole new level. There are some wonderful things he does well on stage like using his special effects to take the music to a new level. His Michael Jackson looks have catapulted him to a whole new level of Internet fame. He truly knows how to take a quiet party or stage and take the energy to an amazing level of music. Just a single video of his skills shows his amazing ability.


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