Will This Earth Force GoFundMe Campaign Be Its Best Yet?

Will This Earth Force GoFundMe Campaign Be Its Best Yet?

If you ask us, we think the answer just might be yes. Jon Urbana has recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to contribute money to Earth Force (up to $1,750), a nonprofit youth organization that strives to educate today’s younger generation and get them active in environment preservation. The campaign was launched last month with a target goal of $1750. The Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, Urbana is turning to the online fundraising tool with some aggressive outreach through a @jonurbana1 Twitter handle in order to reach a broader audience and bring recognition to an important cause.

Earth Force Inc. is based out of Denver, Co., and works to make the environment a cleaner, better place. Urbana stated at jonurbana.wordpress.com that he wishes to support the organization directly, and through the campaign hopes to not just hit his fundraising goal, but also made a series of videos that spread awareness to others about Earth Force and their mission to make the world cleaner, greener and healthier.

Urbana is aware of the fact that today’s youth is heavily invested in social media and the web, so turning to his Websta, Instagram, and Imgur accounts to promote his campaign and new album is a tactic that he hopes will also inspire his fans on MTV and other people who haven’t heard his songs to learn about Earth Force and become passionate about their cause. The hope, per his own site, is that they all become active participants in their local neighborhoods and gain a broader understanding of the impact the environment has on the global community.

There’s more to the man than just this fundraiser. Jon has also been called out by the Federal Aviation Administration and added to their Airmen Database. The thought of getting into a small plane is scary, but not so much when Urbana’s at the helm.

With an athletic background that dates back to some impressive Villanova lacrosse play – Jon’s bio here, he used his experience there to train the next generation of aspiring athletes. Urbana is a cofounder of a lacrosse camp in Denver, where he’s gained extensive experience working with youth and understanding their desire to help make the world a better place. He’s written articles for The Verge and regularly appears on podcasts about business mastery.

Earth Force Inc. is an organization that enables the younger people of today to step up and make a difference, starting right in their own neighborhood.

Support Earth Force at Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/jon-urbana


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