Worst Area of LA is Getting an Organic Farmer’s Market

Worst Area of LA is Getting an Organic Farmer’s Market

At the end of the day, the homeless population is made up of just regular people like me and you. Unfortunately, through circumstances in life, they’ve found themselves living in less than ideal conditions. This doesn’t mean that they deserve to be treated with any less respect and dignity than we’d treat our fellow human. Luckily, there are organizations and caring individuals out there that are looking after the homeless, making sure they are well fed.

There are countless organizations throughout the city that provides shelter and food to the homeless. Unfortunately, the food isn’t always the highest quality. Sometimes, it’s rejected food from local restaurants, fast food, or things that can be caught cheaply and made quickly. It seems that Los Angeles is now taking a step towards bringing organic and healthy food to their homeless population.

According to Reddit, a farmer’s market is opening up in one of the poorest sections of Los Angeles. Many of the homeless who live in that area say the organic food market is a welcomed site. One man said that those living in the area, like himself, need healthier food to fuel their body. This farmer’s market will also lower their cost in order to be able to provide food to the homeless in the area. They will also be accepting food stamps. This market is being well-received because it’s putting nutrition into people’s bodies. According to studies, much of the homeless population is obese because they can only afford low-cost high-caloric food items. This market is a small step but one in the right direction of getting the homeless population on a healthier track. The market will sell a variety of fruits and vegetables. One of the best parts is that they don’t need to be cooked. They’re grab-and-go nutritious food which will surely come in handy.


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