Yanni Hufnagel’s Optimistic-Looking Future

Yanni Hufnagel’s Optimistic-Looking Future

Yanni Hufnagel has always been enthralled by basketball. As a child he was obsessed with learning all about the sport. However, he discovered he didn’t have the ability to play after being cut from his high school’s team. But that didn’t stop the now 30-year-old from loving the sport. He refused to give up on his basketball dream, despite not playing it. After living the college life and graduating from Cornell, the Jewish-American is back on the court with a experienced career as an assistant coach. With some coaching expertise under his belt, Hufnagel will soon have made a hefty fortune and have the opportunity to get a coaching job pretty much anywhere.

Hufnagel is now the assistant coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team. He has previously held assistant coaching positions at Harvard, Vanderbilt and the California Golden Bears. This inspiring young man is known as one of the top recruiters in college basketball. Hufnagel was also able to get some experience working in the NBA during an internship with the New Jersey Nets (now known as the Brooklyn Nets). He is even cited as played a vital role in developing the now famous, Blake Griffin during his time at the University of Oklahoma. Throughout his career, Hufnagel has helped top recruits develop their skills. Most have gone on to successful NBA careers, like Jeremy Lin, which considers Hufnagel a friend.

Hufnagel is a role model for his dedication and determination to make his dreams happen. He does not only have a successful coaching career, but a very optimistic looking future.

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