Young Boys Mow Elderly Neighbors Lawn In An Inspiring Way

Young Boys Mow Elderly Neighbors Lawn In An Inspiring Way

Sometimes it’s the smallest deeds that someone does that has the biggest impact in someone else’s life. Sometimes it’s something as small as mowing the lawn for a neighbor. Throughout the summer months and into fall, the vast majority of us mow our lawn. It’s not something we give much thought too. Although tedious and time-consuming task, it’s a simple chore. It’s not simple for everyone, however. Sometimes mowing the lawn is difficult for those who are elderly. That’s because it can be hard work to push the mower and have the stamina to mow a large lawn.


That’s exactly what happened to one elderly woman in Texas. According to Reddit, Gerry Suttle was facing jail time for not keeping her lawn mowed. She was to appear in court to address the matter but never showed up. She said she never received a letter in the mail about it. When it seemed like her fate was sealed, some young boys stepped in. Their young ages and selfless hearts is what makes this story so inspiring.


Four boys from the area piled into their parent’s pickup truck when they heard what happened. They mowed Gerry’s lawn. Soon, other neighbors saw what was happening and they joined in. In no time, Gerry’s lawn was mowed. It was a beautiful show of support that everyone came together in a small way to make a big difference. It only took a few short hours for Gerry’s lawn to be taken care of. The best part of the story is that boys this young took the time out of their day to take care of their elderly neighbor’s lawn. There was a million other things they could have been doing during their summer break. So the fact that this even crossed their minds is remarkable. They’re being raised in an excellent way to show that much compassion at such a young age.


Gerry even cried when she saw all the outpouring of support from neighbors. It’s nice to be reminded that there are good people out there who still do things without ever expecting anything in return. That’s exactly what happened in this case.


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