Young Entrepreneur Given a Hand

Young Entrepreneur Given a Hand

There is an inspirational story on the ABC News website about a young boy who was given a helping hand by some strangers recently. Q’yaron Gadson, 11, asked a man in Fayetteville, North Carolina, if he needed someone to mow his lawn. The man didn’t, but he was struck by the ambition of the boy, who didn’t even own a lawnmower himself yet was ready to get to work. To assist Gadson, the man reached out to his friends, husband and wife Bobby and Kimi West, who own a lawnmower service.


The couple decided to buy Gadson a brand-new lawnmower and weed-whacker, which cost them about $400. Before doing so, however, Kimi West called about Gadson’s mom to ask if it was fine with her for them to give this assistance to her son. Gadson’s mom was delighted, and young Gadson was astonished when the Wests presented him with the lawn equipment.


Gadson had told his mother shortly after Mother’s Day that he wanted to help out financially, and, now that he was getting older, he didn’t want to just be playing all day; he wanted to work. Once he had the lawn equipment, he did just that and has made a decent amount of money so far. He even gave his mom 20 dollars of his earnings “just because,” and she promptly deposited the money in savings for his future.


Personally, I feel that the Wests did a wonderful thing by setting up Gadson with equipment. They didn’t give him a handout, they gave him a hand, and I believe that the good karma they put into the world will come back to them in the future.



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