Young Girl Credited With Saving Father’s Life

Young Girl Credited With Saving Father’s Life

Heros are all around us. You never know who they’re going to be. Sometimes, they take the shape of an 11-year-old girl. Sylvie Mider from Austin is now crediting with saving her father’s life thanks to her quick thinking and level-headedness.

According to Reddit, Sylvie was on a Boy Scout Camping trip with her father and her brother last year. They spent the day doing physical activities and having just a great time. Around 2:30 in the morning, Sylvie couldn’t sleep and she noticed that her dad was moving in a weird way. He told her that he was okay but she just felt that something was wrong. It’s a good thing that she trusted her gut instinct and acted upon it.

Sylvie realized that her diabetic father’s blood sugar was most likely too low. She quickly sprung into action, waking up those who could help. Her father wouldn’t eat a granola bar so they quickly hopped into a car to get a doctor who helped Sylvie’s father to become coherent again. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this situation could have gone differently if Sylvie hadn’t acted the way that she did. Sylvie said it’s in part thanks to the lessons she learned in Girl Scouts about remaining calm in a bad situation. Sylvie was able to think clearly and know exactly what to do. She is now being honored with a National Lifesaving Award Medal of Honor from the Girl Scouts.

Sylvie teaches us all an important lesson about paying attention to our surroundings and our loved ones. By doing this, we can potentially save a life no matter what we are. It’s easy to see how anyone in this situation would have freaked out. Therefore, we can all learn to have confidence in ourselves and our abilities thanks to Sylvie.


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