Young Woman Inspires Others With Letter She Wrote Before Her Death

Young Woman Inspires Others With Letter She Wrote Before Her Death

It’s been said that people who are dying appreciate life more than anyone else. That’s because they know time is short, and they realize it’s time to look back and reflect on what was important in life, what brought about happiness, and what to avoid. Some of the best advice comes from those who are retrospective. Those of us who feel that we have our whole life ahead of us enjoy reading what other people have learned. That’s why a 27-year-old Australian girl is going viral and inspiring others.

According to Reddit, Holly Butcher recently died of cancer at the young age of 27. Before she died, she decided to pen a letter to the world, offering advice on what’s truly important. Holly touched on a whole slew of important topics and things that many of us take for granted. Holly wrote things like “eat the cake without guilt” and “realize how green the trees are.” These are things that seem small but when you’re dying, you realize just how beautiful they are. Holly also encouraged everyone in the letter to enjoy time because you’re not sure how much you’ll have left on this earth. Holly also mentioned just how important it is to donate blood.

Holly’s letter was raw and powerful. Perhaps the saddest and most inspirational part was that she wrote that she loved life and wasn’t ready to go. It’s powerful and heartbreaking because Holly was someone who genuinely loved her life. Hearing that she wasn’t ready to go, makes us realize that we should value the life that we still have in honor of Holly. The family of Holly posted the letter online just hours after her life and it quickly went viral. Although her family is, of course, heartbroken, they’re hoping to gain some positivity from this by inspiring others.


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