Your Dog Will Love Beneful Premium Dog Foods

Your Dog Will Love Beneful Premium Dog Foods

I travel a lot for work, so I have to leave my family from time to time to go to foreign countries. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my wife had found a new dog food for our dog, Wolfie, last time I was away. Apparently, the kids had to do a research project for their school where they had to look at the nutrition information on all the packages in the kitchen. They looked at the people foods, and they were reading out all these lovely ingredients. Then, they looked at the dog food, and the ingredients we were feeding our Wolfie were just terrible. My dog is important to me, so I want him to eat right. When I returned home, my wife had done a bunch of research on premium pet foods, and she determined that Wolfie should eat Beneful because the ingredients on the package of dog food are real, natural ingredients. Beneful uses high quality ingredients, like real pieces of chicken or beef or vegetables in their foods. The article my wife found was from the Daily Herald, and I want to share the link with everyone at the end of this post. I read the article when she gave it to me, and I was proud of her decision to switch to a better brand of dog food.

Proud Of The Beneful Food We Feed Our Dog

Wolfie deserves the best we can buy him, so we get him Beneful Chopped Blends from the pet store. Chopped Blends is filled with real vegetables, rice and meat. It has real pieces of chicken in it, so Wolfie eats it up fast. He licks the Beneful clean from the bowl when he’s finished. I know he likes it because he’s always waking me up in the morning for his breakfast. Wolfie is my pal, so I even buy him Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats. I buy him the kind that are called Heartfuls because I love him! If you would like to read the twitter article my wife found, here is the url:


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